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About Us

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Ashley Szelestey-Long,
Certified Real Estate Agent

Oak & Stone

License #: 6501437392

As a former high school teacher, Ashley has the skill set for negotiating, educating home buyers and sellers, and effectively marketing listings. As a former resident and employee of multiple cities in the tri-county area, she is capable of serving a wide range of clients. Ashley thoroughly enjoys working as a real estate agent and investor and will enthusiastically help meet your needs to the best of her ability. 

Outside of real estate, Ashley enjoys hiking, spending time with her wife and two children, exercising, and further educating herself by reading and listening to audiobooks. One day, she hopes to purchase a multi-unit building which can be used to house families in need.


Bridgette Szelestey-Long,
Social Media Marketing Manager | Real Estate Assistant

Bridgette has been a Speech-Language Pathologist for six years and has been edging into the world of web design, marketing, and social media management. Her passion for design and creativity is more than just painting and crafting; she also stages our homes and rental properties. 

Native to Michigan as well, Bridgette has extensive knowledge about Downton Detroit, Midtown, New Center, Cork Town and Indian Village. She also has knowledge in areas outside of Detroit. Her intuition, drive, and eye for detail allow her to help customers find a home to best fit their ultimate vision.

Outside of the digital and real estate realm, Bridgette loves trying new restaurants, creating delicious dishes, hiking, and spending time with her wife and two children. She supports those in her community by sharing mindfulness practices, holding yoga sessions, and sharing information on mental health.

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