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Realtor Services

A la carte

Looking to sell or buy your home on your own, but need some assistance? Check out our individual services below.

List on MLS

Looking to sell your home yourself and need it listed on the MLS?

$100.00 - List & Communication Management

Need to View a Home?

1-15 minute drive - $30.00

16-30 minutes drive - $60.00

31-60 minute drive - $90.00

1 hour or more  drive - $100.00

Contract | Document Assistance

Plan to sell your home but need help with the paperwork?

$100 per contract/document

Home Value Analysis 


Automatic Home Alerts

Sign-up for automatic home alerts for your desired location and future home.

$25.00 for three months


Consult with a Realtor to figure out how to sell your home.

$100.00 In Person Meeting

$50.00 Zoom Meeting

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